• Since 1987 in Private Practice (Individual- and Group Psychotherapy)
  • Licensed by Psychotherapist Chamber (Psychotherapeutenkammer) NRW as Trainer and Supervisor
  • Address of practice: Heinrichstr. 62, 40239 Düsseldorf, Germany.
    Phone +49 (0)211-22960961


  • Psychotherapy for individuals and groups
  • Certified specialisations:
    Traumatherapy (incl. EMDR) and Group Analysis
  • Consultant and Facilitator EMDR Europe
  • Training analyst (D3G)
  • Supervisor, and organisational consultant (D3G)


  • Founding Member of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gruppenanalyse und Gruppenpsychotherapie (D3G)
  • Spokesperson of Special Interest Group "Group Analysis in Education, Culture and Society" (D3G)
  • Member of the Editorial Committee of Journal "Group Analysis"
  • Member of the training staff/supervisor at the Institut für Therapeutische und Angewandte Gruppenanalyse Munster (IGA Munster)
  • Board member of the International Dialogue Initiative (IDI)
  • from 2010 till 2017 Member of the Management Committee of the Group Analytic Society International (GASI)